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Computer Science and Engineering

MS Engineering with Computer Networking Certificate

Computer Science and Engineering

MS Engineering with Computer Networking Certificate

Master of Science in Engineering- Computer Networking

Course Requirements:

At least nine courses are required (36 Units), of which at least Five must be graduate courses at the 200 level (excluding ENGR 299 Capstone Project course), and meet Comprehensive Exam Requirement.

Select a minimum of six courses from the following:

CS 111, (CS 112/ or EE 131A), CS 118, CS 211, CS 236, CS 213B, CS 217A, CS 218,  CS 219, CS 268

Recommended Elective Courses

EE 131A, EE 132B, EE 230B, EE 231E


The remaining courses may be selected from the above list, or any Engineering Department Courses. 

Comprehensive Exam Requirement

Students can meet the Comprehensive Exam Requirement in two ways: Choose (1 option below)

Option 1:

Take and Pass ENGR 299 Capstone Project course.

Option 2:

Take and pass three written exams for three different  graduate level courses within the student's area of specialization. The written exams are held concurrently with the final exam of the graduate level courses. Students may select which exams they would like to count towards the Comprehensive Exam requirement.

Thesis Plan




Students are expected to complete the degree within two academic years and one quarter, including two summer sessions. The maximum time allowed in this program is three academic years (nine quarters), excluding summer sessions.

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