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MS Engineering with Computer Networking Certificate

Area Director:  Prof M. Gerla,



Three undergraduate elective courses complement the basic background of the undergraduate CS degree with concepts in security, sensors and wireless communications. The Graduate courses expose the students to key applications and research areas in the network and distributed systems field. They probe different applications domains, including: wireless mobile networks, security, network management, distributed P2P systems, and multimedia applications. From this selection, a total of nine courses are required for the M.S. degree, including a minimum of five graduate courses.

Degree Requirements:  Complete 36 units (9 courses) and meet the comprehensive requirement. A minimum of 5 courses must be at the 200 level.

Fundamental Courses (recommended for students that lack the basic background):

  1. CS 118 Computer Network Fundamentals [Fall]
  2. CS 111 Operating Systems Principles [Winter]
  3. CS 112 Modeling Uncertainty in Information Systems [Spring]


Graduate Courses in the Networking Field:

  1. CS 211 Protocol and Systems Design for Wireless and Mobile Networks [Fall Odd]
  2. CS 236 Computer Security [Spring]
  3. CS 213B Energy-Aware Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems [Fall Even]
  4. CS 217A Internet Architecture and Protocols [Winter]
  5. CS 217B Advanced Topics in Internet Research [TBD]
  6. CS 218 Advanced Computer Networks [TBD]
  7. CS 219 Current Topics in Computer System modeling and Analysis [TBD]
  8. CS 268 Machine Perception [Fall 2014]


Recommended EE Elective Courses:

  1. EE 131A Probability [Fall] (Either CS 112 or EE 131A can be used toward the degree, not both due to overlap in content)
  2. EE 132B Data Communication and Telecommunication Networks [Winter]
  3. EE 230B  Digital Communications Systems [Spring]
  4. EE 231E  Channel Coding Theory [Spring]


The comprehensive requirement can be met in one of two ways:

Option I.  8 courses + Project Course Engr 299

Option II. 9 Courses + take and pass three comprehensive examination questions offered in conjunction with three Computer Science engineering graduate courses (200 level).

The remaining courses must be taken at the 200 Level in one or more specialty areas covering the existing major fields in the Department.

Courses may be taken from the list below with approval of the area director.

EE 113 Digital Signal Processing [Fall]

EE 201A VLSI Design Automation [Fall]

EE 201C Modeling of VLSI Circuits and Systems [Winter]

EE 205A Matrix Analysis [Summer]

EE 209AS Special Topics in Circuits and Embedded Systems [Spring]

EE 210A Adaptive Filtering [Winter]

EE 214B Advanced Topics in Speech Processing [Spring]

EE 215A Analog Integrated Circuit Design [TBD]

EE 215B Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits [TBD]

EE 215C Analysis and Design of RF Circuits and Systems [Winter]

EE 215D Analog Microsystems Design [TBD]

EE 215E Signaling and Synchronization [TBD]

EE M216A Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems [Fall]

EE 216B VLSI Signal Processing [TBD]

EE 218 Network Economics and Game Theory [Winter]

EE 230A Est and Det in Comm and Radar Eng [Fall]

EE 231A Information theory: Channel and Source coding [Summer]

EE 232 B Telecom Swit & queue Syst [Spring]

EE M214A Digital Speech Processing [Winter]

EE 238 Multimedia Comm and Process [Fall]

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